Designer G-Wiz Electric Vehicle From Ella Doran

Designer Ella Doran has created a limited-edition G-wiz electric car photo

We already know that electric vehicle charging points have been spreading across London at an impressive rate. There's no doubt that the plucky, affordable G-Wiz electric vehicle has played a big part in making EVs popular in the UK capital, despite safety concerns from some. And while their looks are not universally adored, we suspect that part of their appeal is in their quirky, unusual appearance — something that their UK distributor GoinGreen have sought to play on with loud color options and unique wraps. Last year the company collaborated with London designer Eley Kishimoto on a limited-edition version of the vehicle, and this year they are repeating the idea by releasing another designer edition, this time with Ella Doran. Ella had this to say about her reasons for taking on the project:
"The G-Wiz intrigued me when I first started to see it around, it has a quirky look and it has always made me smile. Now that I drive one with my own design on it, I have a very wide smile on my face"
More Details on the G-Wiz
GoinGreen's press release further informs us that it is 'the largest zero-emissions auto distributor on the planet today' according to Newsweek, and has won 25 awards in the four years since it brought the zero-emission electric G-Wiz to London. The company launched the improved performance G-Wiz i in February this year with a range of up to 48 miles per charge, a certified top speed of 50mph and increased safety features. The vehicle is apparently also upgradeable to take lithium ion batteries when they are introduced.

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