Depressed by Your SUV's Horrible Fuel Efficiency? Turn Off the Onboard Computer


Credit: The Christian Science Monitor/Bennett

Overheard on a discussion forum about big Toyota SUVs, from someone who bought a Scangauge II trip computer: "I never realized that I average 10 mpg. Even if I barely touch the gas to get up to speed slowly it drops to around 4 to 6 mpg. Cruise control will hold me steady at 12 on a flat road at 60mph".

He got all kinds of advice, some of it quite depressing can be summarized as "If knowing your crappy fuel efficiency makes you mad, turn that thing off man. You cannot change it so don't get so bummed!"Thankfully, other posters on the forum had better advice, including how to learn from the feedback given by the ScanGauge and tips on how to drive more efficiently.

Any TreeHugger readers have similar experiences or know people that do? Were you shocked to learn your vehicle's real efficiency? Did an onboard computer teach you how to drive better? Please let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to MetroMPG on the Ecomodder Forums for pointing out this funny and sad thread on the Toyota FJ Cruiser forums.

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