Delhi Added a Record 500,000 New Vehicles to Its Already Polluted Streets in 2011

India's highly polluted capitol city Delhi added a record number of vehicles to its streets in the past year, Times of India reports.

Of the 500,000 new vehicles plying the traffic-plagued streets of the city, 80% of these were private cars and two-wheeled motor vehicles, while the number of buses only increased by slightly over 2,500—meaning the city is still 4,000 buses short of its goal for expanding public transportation by 2010.

60% of all new vehicle sales in Delhi are now powered by diesel engines, contributing to the city's already formidable air pollution. Last year Delhi was ranked the 10th-worst polluted city in the world overall, from all sources, and in 2010 tied with Beijing as the city with worst air quality in the world.

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