Danish Climate Goal 2009: World's Biggest Fleet Of Electric Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

THINK electric fuel cell hybrid graphic

The UN post-Kyoto Copenhagen Climate Conference summit meeting to take place next year is pushing Danes to build up a quick fleet of battery-driven hybrid fuel cell cars.

Based on the electric THINK
The Danish company H2 Logic has gotten a cash infusion of a total of $3.45 million dollars from the government to deliver a fleet of electric fuel cell hybrids to tool around the streets of Copenhagen by the time of the meeting. Hydrogen stations are in the planning - some using wind electrolysis to make hydrogen, others using natural gas or biogas. H2 Logic, which has shown a PEM (proton exchange membrane) THINK electric/fuel cell hybrid vehicle and believes it will take delivery of some from THINK at the turn of the year, will also undertake building up the infrastructure of hydrogen stations to refuel the vehicles. The combined range of the hybrid would be approximately 200 kilometers.

But don't expect the oodles of diplomats flying in for the climate meeting to be seen driving or even being driven around in the electric fuel cell cars. The Danish government recently issued a separate plea for owners of limousines to lend their vehicles to the meeting, and lamented that climate-friendly limos are in exceedingly short supply. Via ::NyTeknik (Swedish)

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