Dale Vince's Wind-Powered Car: The Final Stages

Video production: Tim Walter Associates Limited
Wind Powered Electric Car Reaches Final Stages
Dale Vince's wind-powered electric car project may be a little behind schedule (video titles like Episode 8 of 6 tend to be a big giveaway), but it looks like the design is coming together nicely. The video posted above gives an overview of where Dale and his team are at, and offers some great insight into how a small, one-off design project like this operates. Great also to see that these folks are not shy about coming forward about their ideas either - this is clearly a project set to drive debate and force real change in the car industry. Click below the fold for Dale's thoughts on progress, and for links about previous episodes.

"There's been a lot of electric car stuff in the news lately, particularly today with the Government's announcement of a £5k bung to EV buyers and other initiatives.

The thing that excites me most of all though is the fact that the government has come out and said we all need to be driving electric cars, they even use terms like 'green revolution' these days — that's just amazing, so far from where we've been.

It makes me think the changes we need to make are all the more likely. We know the technology exists or will exist and we know we need to live sustainably — now we seem to have political will behind us.

Just need to re invent capitalism to be orientated to social and environmental outcomes rather than monetary ones — and we're there

All being well, the team are hoping to have a test drive ready vehicle in a couple of weeks - you can follow progress over at ZeroCarbonista.

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