Dale Vince's Electric Sports Car - Video Update

Ecotricity CEO's EV is Ready for a Name
When I last posted on Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity, and his plans for an electric sports car to rival the Tesla, many readers felt it was another pointless show project, rather than a practical transportation option. But others pointed out that we need the flashy headline grabbing projects in order to introduce the world to EVs, eventually causing the technology to trickle down to the cars the rest of us drive. Either way, Dale's project seems to be steaming ahead — although I'm not sure the idea of fingerprint recognition will do anything to allay the sceptics. Dale is also looking for help with a name — here's his shortlist of electric car names so far:

Zero - Short version of the Zero C suggestion, has a certain neatness about it and many interpretations. WW2 Japanese fighter of course. Also a typical car has a badge announcing it's cubic capacity, valve and/or turbo numbers - Zero all of this in our case. And Zero combustion/carbon. And it has a nice ring to it. The Zero.

Nemesis - Darker altogether and spawned from my traveller days when 2000 AD (the comic) was a cult read - anyone familiar with that will know the nemesis character. Pretty awesome. And Nemesis to the ICE car industry is exactly what EVs and WEVs are going to be, IMO. Like this one for the dark side. The Nemesis.

Storm - Weather inspired (not X men :)), toyed with Tornado and Hurricane, both of which I like, but feel that Storm is more understated but still evocative. This is after all a weather driven car. The Storm.

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