Dale Vince to Release Domestic Wind Turbine and an Electric Car?

Back in May we interviewed Dale Vince, founder of UK-based energy pioneers Ecotricity. It seems like Dale is in hot demand from the media these days, with an interview also appearing recently in the Telegraph newspaper, in which his discusses his background as a 'new-age traveller', and reveals some very interesting upcoming projects:

"He's promising an electric car that "will smash the stereotype of the 30mph Noddy car" and a mini-turbine for cities called an Urbine for launch next year. It will be made in the UK or "Green Britain" as Vince calls it. When turning, the Urbine could produce 25pc of the average house's electricity. "We may even take over the factory Dyson abandoned when it moved to the Far East," he adds cheekily before heading back to Gloucester for some five-a-side football with his employees, still recovering from the floods."

While the Telegraph interview does question some of Ecotricity's marketing claims, the company has issued a full response to most of the criticisms, which can be read at the bottom of the page. It is certainly a pleasure to see leading figures on the renewable energy scene cropping up in the national press. Dale Vince may well be the Richard Branson of tomorrow — in fact the interview even reveals that he's been in discussions with the Virgin boss himself recently:

"Richard Branson called for a chat after Vince took out a full-page ad in a national newspaper demanding reassurance from Branson that his pledge to plough profits into biofuels wasn't a gimmick. He later beat Branson in a New Statesman poll to find the nation's most inspiring business leader. Clearly, Mr Ecotricity is not short on chutzpah."

For more information on Ecotricity's activities, see our post on their collaboration with DIY retail-giant B&Q.; ::Ecotricity::via site visit::

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