Dale Vince Defends his Electric Sports Car - Video Update

Ecotricity CEO Argues the Need for Another Electric Sports Car
Whenever I post an update on Dale Vince's wind-powered electric car, it's pretty inevitable that I'll receive comments asking "why we need another electric sports car", or "why not build a more practical alternative". In the latest update on his pet electric vehicle project Vince answers some of these detractors, arguing that the reasoning lies partly in timing, and partly in his personality:
With regards timing, when this project was first conceived I'd never heard of Tesla and couldn't find an electric sportscar anywhere, other than concepts (and I did look). To get one I was going to have to build one. Things moved on from there.

As for my nature, I like sportscars - they're fun. It seemed like the ideal place to start, especially because I think it's important that being green shouldn't all be about sacrifice — to engage a bigger audience we need to show that cutting carbon and living more sustainably can be done and can still be a lot of fun. Sportscars turn heads and grab media attention — so I chose that route.

Vince also argues that Tesla have not yet proven the concept, pointing to the very real flaws revealed by the (some would say) deceptive Top Gear Tesla review.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Vince's approach, there's no doubt that a successful electric sports car would still turn attract a lot of media buzz. And let's face it — if and when a reliable, affordable family electric car hits the market, it's more likely to come from an established company with major financial backing than it is from a boutique operation like Vince has put together. For now this project is very much about proving ideas — not creating the next Model T.

For details on the wind car's progress, check out the video above. (One sentence summary: design is somewhat ahead of implementation.)

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