DaimlerChrysler's Bionic 70 mpg Concept Car

Inspired by the boxfish, DaimlerChrysler's new concept car is a super-aerodynamic (drag coefficient of 0.19, while the Toyota Prius is 0.26 and a model of the boxfish gets the high-score of 0.06) diesel 4-seater that gets 70 mpg (US) while exceeding the most stringent European emission regulations (now imagine a diesel-hybrid version!). The engine is a 2.0 liters 103 kW/140-hp diesel (biodiesel anyone?). Even more impressive is how the concept car only used 2.8 liters per 100 kilomters during a test at a constant speed of 90kph (56mph), which translates to 84 mpg (US). More pictures below...Bionics is an inter-disciplinary subject which combines engineering science, architecture and mathematics. The basic principle is to understand nature’s ideas and problem solutions, which have stood the test of time over millions of years of evolution, and to adopt them for human use. (GCC)



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