Daimler Partners with BYD to Make Electric Cars for China

byd electric cars logo photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
BYD Figured Making Cars Was Hard?
Daimler is positioning itself for the electric car era. Last year it bought a 10% stake in Tesla Motors (40% of which was then bought by Abu Dhabi), and now they're partnering with China's BYD (which is partly owned by Warren Buffett - it's a tangled web) to make electric vehicles for the Chinese market.
byd electric cars logo photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
Daimler AG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BYD Company Limited to enter into a comprehensive technology partnership for the development of electric vehicles for China.

Under the agreement, Daimler and BYD intend to develop a new electric vehicle specific to the requirements of the Chinese market. The vehicle will be marketed under a new brand jointly created and owned by Daimler and BYD. In addition, a common technology center will be established in China to develop, design and test this electric vehicle. (source)

I'm guessing that after the recent BYD PHEV lackluster sales in China, the company figured that it needed some help to make good cars that people actually want to buy (good batteries aren't enough). It remains to be seen if the electric cars sold under this partnership will look more like Daimler's cars (either some existing Mercedes models, or maybe something based on the BlueZERO concept) with BYD batteries, or if they'll be based on existing BYD vehicles, or be completely new products.

Via Daimler, Green Car Congress
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