Daimler Chrysler's Plug In Sprint Hybrid Van Test


Via Planet Ark: "Daimler-Chrysler said it would produce a "test-fleet" of up to 20 plug-in hybrid versions of its 2007 Dodge Sprinter in order to evaluate the performance of the electric vehicles in real-world driving conditions...DaimlerChrysler said it would combine the rechargeable battery on the Dodge Sprinter with a diesel engine for a bigger gain in fuel economy, saying that would be the first real-world test of that technology." As pictured, the Sprinter is a commercial vehicle with high top suitable for side racks, standing up, etc. Miscellaneous items: there is always an after-market for "conversion" of commercial vans for recreational travel - that could lead to the first hybrid RV; we have no idea if the Sprinter implements regenerative braking; and, Chrysler the company is up for sale, which, when transacted, will surely lead to pressures to reduce costs. Will the test lead to commercial production? Image credit: Dodge.

Tags: Detroit


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