Cykel: A Plug-in Electric Bike Sharing Concept

cykel electric bikePhoto courtesy of Brian Mcallister

Cykel is a plug-in electric bike sharing system designed for a wide range of users and topographies. The concept was inspired by the popular bike share programs found throughout Europe.

It functions on either pedal-power or fully as an electric bike, which opens up transportation to wide range of users. It's especially appealing for cities with more difficult topographies like San Francisco.

cykel electric bikePhoto courtesy of Brian Mcallister

Designed to be very low maintenance, it has solid over-mold tires to avoid flats. And the drive train is fully enclosed as to avoid any nasty wardrobe malfunctions. When docked, the bike will charge via its two locking points.

Ideally, these systems would be installed throughout the city to fill gaps in its current transit system.

Source: Brian Mcallister for the University of Washington Design Show 2009

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