Curitiba's Bus Rapid Transit: 2.3 Million Passengers a Day


Bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil. Photo: Flickr, CC
75% of Population Commutes to Work Via Bus
Curitiba, in Brazil, has about the same population as Phoenix in the US. In Phoenix, about 1% of people take the bus to get to work, which that number if 75% in Curitiba. If you want to find out why their public transit system is so good - and all that without having an underground subway system! - check out the excellent video below by our friends at StreetFilms.
This video illustrates how Curitiba's public transportation system operates and the urban planning and land use principles on which it is based, including an interview with the former Mayor and architect Jaime Lerner. Current city employees also discuss the improvements that are being made to the system to keep it up to date and functioning at the capacity of a typical subway system. Curitiba is currently experimenting with adding bypassing lanes on the dedicated BRT routes and smart traffic lights to prioritize buses. They are even constructing a new line which will have a linear park and 18km of bike lane that parallels the bus transit route.

This is what a more sustainable city looks like! Kudos to Curitiba. Other cities, watch and learn.

Any readers from Curitiba can comment? Thanks.


Bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil. Photo: Flickr, CC

Via StreetFilms
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