Cummunauto launches new electric car-sharing service in Montreal

Cummunauto auto-mobile electric car sharing in Montreal
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Cummunauto (the name is a french pun that means something close to "common car") is a large car-sharing service that operates in 4 cities in the province of Quebec in Canada, with 27,000 users and a fleet of approximately 1300 vehicles. They've just launched a new pilot project all-electric service in Montreal's Plateau-Mont-Royal that will start with about 20 electric Nissan LEAFs and track people's usage and, presumably, determine if an expansion of the service makes sense.

“We want to know the effects of such a project on Montrealers’ travel habits. The environmental gains could be very significant on our greenhouse gas effects and air contaminants, if this service replaces gas-powered vehicle trips. As well as the use of urban space, if users get rid of their second car,” says Daniel Bouchard, head of campaigns at the Conseil régional de l’environnement of Montreal.

Electric cars are particularly clean in Quebec because close to 100% of the province's electricity comes from hydro (while big hydro isn't perfect, it beats coal for sure...).

Cummunauto auto-mobile electric car sharing in MontrealYoutube/Screen capture

“Le Plateau-Mont-Royal is delighted Communauto has chosen the borough for its pilot project. We have no doubt that this new service will be enthusiastically received by our residents, already exemplary in their transportation choices, at an unparalleled degree in the country. The use of a car is essential at times and Auto-mobile, in addition to traditional carsharing, offers maximum benefits with minimal disruptions for its users and for the society. For its part, the borough has commissioned a universal parking permit to minimize the constraints relative to parking the cars near the user’s destination,” added Luc Ferrandez, mayor of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

Here a video (in french) produced by Communauto to explain to its members how to use the electric cars now in its fleet:

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Cummunauto launches new electric car-sharing service in Montreal
Hopefully just a start that will eventually lead the Canadian car-sharing service to electrify more of its fleet.

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