CTA Rail Car Transformed into Mobile Garden Wonderland

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The Mobile Garden is an idea we've loved for a couple years now, starting with the concept of a rail car transformed into a park in Chicago. Now, the organization has taken the fun indoors, turning the interior of a rail car into a green wonderland. mobile garden photo

The design is part of the Art on Track festival. All of the plants used are native, and they cover the seats, windows and floors.

mobile garden photo

According to Inhabitat, the Mobile Garden Car ran for 5 hours around Chicago's downtown Loop. Passengers could enjoy having a bit of the outdoors inside while they passed through the urban landscape.

mobile garden photo
This Is Colossal notes that, "UIC Art and Design graduate Joe Baldwin continues to pursue funding for his open-air public transit garden" -- something he's been doing for nearly two years now. You can donate to the effort at the Mobile Garden website.

mobile garden photo

Meanwhile, this landscaped rail car sure does take public transit to the next level. Too bad it isn't permanent.

mobile garden photo
mobile garden photo
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