Crossing Canada in 28 Days with an Electric Jellybean (aka i MiEV)

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Image: Mitsubishi
28 Days to Cross the Country with Electricity
Mitsubishi wanted to do a big PR stunt to market its i MiEV electric car, and Canada's a big country. They put the two together and the i MiEV (it does kinda look like a jellybean) is en route to cross Canada in 28 days, stop numerous time to do a quick recharge and to show the car to journalists and enthusiasts in various cities. Read on for more details.

Photo: Mitsubishi

The trip no doubt required a lot of planning since the electric range of the i MiEV is of about 100 miles.

The i MiEV left Cape Spear, in St John's Newfoundland, on August 17th, and is expected to reach Vancouver, in British Columbia, on September 16th. Right now, it is around the island of Montréal in Québec. You can follow its progress and see where it will stop by going on the Clean Across Canada website and looking at the Google Map.

You can also follow Mitsubishi Canada on Twitter for daily updates.

This stunt reminds me a little of the Tesla Roadster that was driven across the United States about a year ago.

Via Mitsubishi CleanAcrossCanada
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