Crisis? What Crisis? I've Got My Mobile McMansion


We love the idea of mobile living, but just as in regular housing, less is more.

Sales are slow in RV land. According to the New York Times, it is easy to see why. "With an uncertain economy, tightening credit and gas prices through the roof, many would-be captains of land yachts are rethinking their dreams. Other issues also loom in a world increasingly worried about waste, sustainability and global warming. It might be getting harder to love a beast that gulps a gallon of fuel every seven miles."

But not at the high end of the market...


The Times continues: At the high end exists that peculiar breed of shopper that, to use a technical term from the world of economics, let's call the Rich Dude....

Life without compromise is not cheap. At $700,000, the Magna is about three times as expensive as the average single-family home, and its 650-horsepower engine burns diesel almost as fast as it can be pumped into the 150-gallon tank.


Richard Coon, the head of the trade association, argues that rising gas prices aren't a big issue for the owners of high-end R.V.'s, whose attitude can be summed up as: "I just paid $400,000 for this motor home. Do you really think I give a rat's about the price of fuel?"

Not missing a beat, Mr. Coon also pointed out that "it's hard to say that in public, but that guy can afford the gas." ::New York Times

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