Crazy Norwegians Review THINK! Electric Car (Video)

THINK electric car test drive photo

Pushing the THINK! EV to its Limits
Speed, sex, and crazy Norwegians on an icy drag racing track - what more could you want from a review of an electric car? Maybe a challenge to the reign of the auto-journalistic giants at Top Gear? No worries - the folks at have got our back on that front too as they take the THINK! City for an extended test drive.
OK - so there isn't any actual sex in the video, but there is discussion of sex. And there is plenty of footage of Scandinavian hippies whizzing about on icy streets to keep us entertained. There's also some excellent and highly technical discussion of vehicle safety:

Considering safety in a car that is this small, you would think that "Oh, if I crash I will die." But consider this - you can actually crash into something quite big, quite fast, and actually come out walking.

Well, I'm glad that's settled then.

All joking aside, the review does show just how practical a modern electric car can be for most day-to-day driving, and also includes a strong argument why battery vehicles trump hydrogen every time. Given that THINK! was facing bankruptcy, only to be rescued by $5.7m in loans for the electric car maker, there's no better time to remind ourselves why affordable, practical EVs are so important.

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