Craziest Bike Rides... EVER! Really, I mean it!

Warning! Motion Sickness Alert

There are times when you come to TreeHugger for analysis of the latest transit ridership numbers from the Department of Transportation, and there are times when you just want to see really crazy bike rides. Now's the time for the crazy rides! Check out the video above and the videos below. Most are from the "Valparaíso Downhill" (Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, the 2011 winner is Filip Polc) in Chile, a race that takes place on most on sidewalks, with crazy jumps, really narrows paths, and sometimes dogs that run in from of the contestants. Crazy stuff! Makes sure to watch in full screen mode...Same race, but more recent:

Almost as crazy (especially because he doesn't make it without falling off his bike...):

More from the same race, but not from the rider's perspective (this should be safe if you suffer from motion sickness):

More info about Valparaíso
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