Council's Parking Fees Reward Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

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Tiered Parking Fees Incentivize Low-CO2 Vehicles
We've noted before how charging points and other incentives for electric vehicle drivers have been spreading like a virus across London. And while some boroughs of London may now be withdrawing free electric vehicle parking, others are continuing to push forward. The latest scheme from Camden Borough Council not only offers drivers reduced rate residential parking, as well as free parking in all metered spots across the borough — the council will wave the fee all-together if the vehicle owner can prove they are purchasing electricity from a renewable energy supplier. More details from the council's website:"We are committed to tackling climate change and improving local air quality. To help us do this we are encouraging residents to drive vehicles with lower CO2 emissions. Our new charges for residents' parking permits have been set at levels directly proportional to the CO2 emissions that vehicles produce. Electric vehicles can help us improve local air quality.

We recently commissioned a report, Life Cycle Assessment of alternatively fuelled vehicle (available from which showed that electric vehicles that are charged by renewable energy have the lowest environmental impact. Taking account of these findings, residents' parking permits for electric vehicles are charged at 25% of tariff 2 (the second lowest level) and if you can show that you receive electricity from a renewable source then your permit is free."
Camden Borough Council, via GoinGreen.

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