Could This Guy Be Cycling's Secret Sauce? (Video)

Back when I only covered sustainable business, my colleagues and I lamented the word sustainability - if we could only have a sexier, cooler word, we thought, the concept would surely sell itself more easily, and everyone, including the earth, would live happily ever after.

So it is, to some degree, with cycling. The word is more apt to conjure a sweaty sport cyclist than a happy transport cyclist. Luckily we have Robin Moore, aka MC SpandX, to parody our cycling stereotypes. Living in San Francisco, he's sure to do Dutch-style cyclists soon, which may make this prolific songwriter cycling's secret sauce.

"Everyone you know, everywhere you go, Le Velo." - Robin MooreBicycle imagery, especially on waif-like women on fashion runways and in advertising, is creeping closer to the mainstream.

But out of the real mean streets of America, there's a problem. There are more of the types of male sports cyclists Moore is parodying in this new Video, entitled, "Le Velo" (also available for purchase on iTunes) and fewer, if the numbers are right, children getting on bikes. Women, again if the numbers reflect reality, are only holding steady as cyclists, and not taking to the bike in the numbers we might expect.

Elly Blue speculates it's the economy, or in other words, lack of time and money, that causes women not to ride. But never discount the coolness factor. You just can't be as cool or a bike, any bike, as you can be in a fancy car. According to my teenager. And a lot of other teenagers. In their visually-driven universe, cyclists are still generally portrayed, in movies and on TVs, as dweebs and misfits.

Of course, Moore's Velo man is over the top, a spoof on a Frenchified road cyclist. However, many times parody isn't only social criticism - it's also social commentary on people or issues we're all likely to recognize and yes, even emulate. Everyone recognizes Moore's road cyclist, as they recognize his mountain bikers in 'Get Dirty' and the hipster versus the performance cyclist in 'Performance.'

So now it's time for Moore to parody transport cyclists. We can take it - it will mean we've arrived.

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