Could Land Rover Be Serious About Going Green?

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While Peugeou's 60+mpg diesel hybrid crossover and Volvo's AWD diesel plug-in hybrid may offer some promise of a greener all wheel drive vehicle, SUVs and crossovers aren't generally popular with us TreeHuggers. Land Rover has been making noises for some time now about sustainability and, if Business Green are to be believed, Land Rover's sustainability efforts amount to much more than just greenwash:

However, here's where it gets more interesting: for the first time, Land Rover has used a lifecycle analysis that ensured lowering emissions, reducing fuel consumption, and using fewer natural resources entered into every stage of the Evoque's design and manufacturing.

"All major decisions have a sustainability aspect," Kasia Boryczko, sustainability engineer on the Evoque, explained. "Lots of little changes can give us a considerable effect at the end."

A better form of really bad or a step toward good? You decide.

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