Cottagers: Take the Train to Toronto


This is a local story, a plea to the thousands of Torontonians fighting their way up Highway 400, the main route to cottage country. I often feel guilty about driving my Subaru such a distance every week (read There are worse things than hypocricy}This week it was so hot in Toronto that I left my family (with the car) up north and for the first time took the Northlander from Huntsville to Toronto. What a revelation: Big seats, Outlets for computers, A bar car. Three hours of peace, looking out the windows at lakes and farms that I had never seen. Toronto never looked better- nothing but trees and towers, places and views I did not know existed. I felt like a tourist coming to the City I have lived in almost all my life- it was wonderful. One less car clogged the highway and 20 litres of gas were not burned. ::Ontario Northland Railway