Costa Rica's president-elect is promising an oil-free future

volcano in Costa Rica
CC BY 2.0 Arturo Cotillo -- Volcano in Costa Rica

When a nation runs mostly on renewables, electrifying transportation is a no brainer.

When I wrote about Costa Rica running on renewables for 113 days, detractors were quick to point out that this was electricity only—not all energy use in the country. Transportation, for example, continued to be dominated by gas and diesel.

That may be about to change, however, if president-elect Carlos Alvarado Quesada can make good on his promises. Specifically, Business Green reports that he is vowing to move the country beyond gas and diesel for transportation. True, unlike Britain and France who have set specific dates, Quesado's plans appear to be more a statement of intent than a specific, timed phase-out just yet.

But they are still an important step forward. Given that Business Green pins a full 54% of Costa Rica's emissions on transportation, it's definitely a country where any move away from gas and diesel cars—particularly toward electrification—would have an outsized impact on the nation's carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, in the US, our EPA is scaling back goals for fuel efficiency entirely because it's apparently just too difficult for us.


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