Copenhagen To Join Congestion Tax Cities

Copenhagen Traffic photo

It's hard to live in Sweden, having to envy the Danish their magnificent city of Copenhagen. Not only does it have a great big-city pulse, it just feels so much more green aware than any place on our side of the Kattegat sound. Stockholm may have been first (after London) to implement a congestion tax to try to encourage motorists to find alternative travel, but when it comes to cycling, Copenhagen shines.

Congestion Tax
And now the sixteen municipalities of Greater Copenhagen have gotten together to get a congestion charge passed in the city -- approximately $4.50 each time a car would enter or leave the city. Similar to London and Stockholm systems, the new tolls would be operated by cameras installed at city gates recording license numbers of vehicles driving in and out. The proposal must still gain approval of the Danish Parliament. Is there anything Stockholm could do to catch up? Via ::Copenhagen Post
Congestion tax
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