Contradiction in Terms Dept: Sustainable Parking Structure


Only in California could one find such a deliciously silly story. Santa Monica has just opened "the nation's first sustainable solar-powered parking structure. The six-story, 882-space structure at the Civic Center features photovoltaic roof panels, a storm drain water treatment system, recycled construction materials and energy efficient mechanical systems."

Evidently the cars are well treated: "From the Santa Monica Mountains to Catalina Island, these parking spaces have the best view in town." And they are going for LEED certification, which should be a challenge for an above grade parking garage, even if it was made from site-grown bamboo and ventilated by flapping butterfly wings.

After all, the City is spending $180 million plan to add 1,712 parking spaces over the next ten years- just what every city needs right now when we are trying to discourage cars, not give them ocean views. ::Lookout News

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