Contradiction in Terms Dept: Hummers Helping

Enjoy thirty seconds of glorious Hummer humour as GM, a formerly reputable company, tries to convince us that people should take their big honking SUVs into hurricanes, fires and natural disasters, as if they are prepared in any way to do anything but get stuck themselves. And as if big honking SUVs weren't part of the problem, not the solution. It boggles the mind.


It turns out there is even an association called Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies that was told to get lost by the Red Cross for years, but now has an agreement with the American Red Cross to assist them in disaster relief. The new program will "certify qualifying members as Red Cross volunteers who can be deployed by the local chapters of Red Cross to drive supplies and Red Cross personnel into disaster areas where other vehicles might not be able to reach."

What happens if someone in a Tahoe, basically the same car, shows up? Does the Red Cross say "sorry, we only take lifts in Hummers"? Bizzare. :HOPE via via ::The Sietch

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