Continental DC: Bentley Builds an Electric... Soapbox

Bentley Electric Car soapbox photo

A small team composed of young apprentices at Bentley were given pretty much carte blanche, and this cute electric vehicle is what came out after many weekends and evenings of hard work. We doubt that regular Bentley customers would be interested, but it's still a cool project.

"With a positively gorgeous carbon fiber composite body riding on a four-wheel single-wishbone fixed suspension and 1 x 16-inch Michelin low-rolling-resistance tires, the Continental DC (as in Direct Current) moves under the power of a 24-volt electric motor (from a motorized wheelchair, in fact) producing 0.5 horsepower and 5.1 pound-feet of torque and juiced by a pair of 12-volt batteries."Bentley Electric Car soapbox photo

The electric motor can bring the Continental DC's 265 lbs (without the driver) up to 40 mph (65 kph).

Bentley Electric Car soapbox photo

From here, the littlest Bentley and the Greenpower Team is set to compete in the upcoming Formula 24+ season, which consists of eight 90-minute endurance races, the last one at Goodwood. The series is sort of an IROC for EVs, requiring all competing cars to use identical 24-volt electric motors powered by two 12-volt batteries. Racers must be between the ages of 16 and 24.

Bentley Electric Car soapbox photo

We can hope that some of what has been learned during this project will find its way into the engineering of commercially available cars, even if Bentleys are not exactly known for their fuel efficiency.

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