Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S is 'best car we've ever tested' (Score: 99/100)

Tesla Model S Consumer Reports
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Tesla double-header today

As if things weren't going well enough for Tesla Motors today, with their blockbuster Q1 results, they've also just received a glowing review the most trusted reviewer around, Consumer Reports. CR has called the Model S the "best car they've ever reviewed" and given it the highest rating they've ever given, 99%. Check out the video below:

Consumer Reports wrote:

Built from the ground up as an EV, this car's overall balance benefits from mounting the battery under the floor and in the lowest part of the body. That gives the car a rock-bottom center of gravity that enables excellent handling, a comfortable ride, and lots of room inside. [...]

The electric motor delivers impressive power, right now, and it is impressively efficient. The Model S uses about half the energy of a Toyota Prius every mile, and it has more than twice the range—about 200 miles—of any other electric car we've driven.

As mentioned in a recent post, all of this has been good for investors in Tesla (Elon Musk, the CEO, owns close to 30% of the company):

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Via Consumer Reports

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