Consumer Reports Secretly Buys Model S for Testing

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One of the rules of good, objective reviewing is to make sure that the maker of the product your are planning to review doesn't know that you are anything but a regular customer. Otherwise, you'll probably get preferential treatment and have different experience from what the average Joe or Jane can expect, making the review less useful. That's exactly what the nice folks at Consumer Reports did when they purchased a Model S electric car from Tesla Motors:

We used a private e-mail throughout the process so to not reveal our identity. All documents were signed electronically online through a very user friendly and interactive website. When the help of a human being was needed, a live voice was promptly available at the other end. As we approached the delivery time, coordination was done through a private cell phone.

They're still in the process of testing the EV, but when they had the opportunity to do a quick first impression drive on a Model S last fall, they came away quite impressed, and as you can see in the intro video below, they are "excited" about this test, which isn't something that they say very often.

I can't wait to see this full review, and to see how reliable the Model S will prove to be over time in CR's rankings.

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Consumer Reports Secretly Buys Model S for Testing
One of the most trusted and objective reviewers out there is testing what is probably the best electric car out there. We can't wait for the full report!

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