Tesla Model S Impresses the Unflappable Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S Consumer ReportsCR/Screen capture

Very Positive So Far...

Consumer Reports is known for its independence and sober reviews, and you don't often hear them use words like "fantastic" and "addictive" when describing a vehicle. Yet these can be heard in their 'first impression' piece on the Tesla Model S (see the video below).

They haven't had a chance to buy one (they're probably on the waiting list), so they don't have a full review yet, but they borrowed a 85kWh 'Signature' model and put it through some preliminary tests. Here the video:

It'll be interesting to read the full review when it comes out. Good reviews from trusted sources like Consumer Reports can certainly help speed up electric car adoption, as there are lots of people sitting on the fence, just waiting for the kinks to be ironed out and to be reassured that EVs can really deliver.

Tesla Model S Consumer ReportsCR/Screen capture

Via Consumer Reports

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