Con-Way Limit Speed on Trucks to Conserve Fuel

Con-Way Freight Driver

Our suggestion that America should bring back the 55mph speed limit to conserve fuel was met with derision from many quarters, and the argument for a universal 30 mph a limit was apparently in danger of discrediting " the entire pro-environmental movement by making them look like a bunch of lunatic extremists." The folks at Con-Way Freight may have been listening though, as they have just announced that they are limiting the speed governors on its vehicles in an effort to reduce its fuel bills. OK, so they are not cutting back to 30, or even 55, but their efforts still look set to make significant savings:
" The transportation company says it turned back the speed governors on all the vehicles in its fleet, allowing the truck engines to run at 62 miles per hour at most instead of the previous maximum of 65 miles per hour.

Con-way provides less-than-truckload transportation, a service that combines small freight shipments from multiple companies into one. The company estimates it will cut its diesel fuel use by 3.2 million gallons a year and its carbon dioxide emissions by 72 million pounds. Con-way, which provides trucking throughout North America, uses 100 million gallons of gas a year."

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