Commuting by Kayak (For Real)


We previously got taken in by a spoof site about a kayaker who paddled 52 miles to work in Los Angeles. Not this time; we got it from a reputable source, the Sun. Ricardo Assis Rosa works at an architectural practice in near Bath; he kayaks the two miles to get there in 35 minutes. Mr. Rosa told the Sun:

"Canoeing takes longer than going by car, but it is a lot more pleasant. I find the fumes and the noise and traffic can put me in a bad mood all day, but after a gentle canoe into work I feel really relaxed and full of energy. There are swans and ducks and animals along the way, and it's a great way of getting fit and breaking the routine. It feels like you're on holiday."

We don't know why they call kayaks canoes over in the UK, nor do we know how the Sun figures out that a boat going two miles per hour takes 35 minutes to travel two miles, or why Ricardo is so slow (it should take about half that time) but love the idea nonetheless. ::Sun via ::Splurch

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