Common Sense 101: If You Drive a Hummer, Don't Complain About Gas Prices

"George Will highlighted Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who said he was outraged that it costs him $70 a tank to fill his car. 'He drives a Hummer!' Will noted, adding, 'this is economic nonsense.'"

High gas prices have a lot of Americans riled up these days. Knowing that they are still getting a pretty good deal compared to a lot of places around the world should bring some comfort, but it doesn't help to make ends meet for low-income families. To those I would recommend to consider if walking, biking, or transit could help them meet some of their transportation needs, and if not, to check out this list of tips on how to drive more fuel-efficiently: 66 Ways To Save Money on Gasoline.

But while I can sympathize about gas prices with those who have few alternatives to driving (after all, 50% of people live outside cities, and of the urban half, a large fraction live in places that are sadly too small to have quality transit and bike infrastructure), those who have willingly decided to buy huge gas-guzzlers that they don't need shouldn't then complain. They are part of the problem. Hopefully politicians won't keep pandering to that group, promising them more cheap gas to feed their gluttonous transportation habits.

The right thing to do is not to artificially lower gas prices in the US. They are already low by world standards, and the taxes on gas have no properly kept up with inflation, stretching infrastructure budgets and causing all kinds of problems. The solution is to increase taxes on gas: The short term shock would more than be compensated by properly maintained infrastructure, including massive investments in bike lanes and mass transit, and a big market incentive for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Common Sense 101: If You Drive a Hummer, Don't Complain About Gas Prices
Some ruminations about gas prices in the USA. Too high? Too low? What can we do individually and collectively to improve the situation?

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