Columbus, Ohio Unveils 20-Year Bicycle Master Plan


Joining a growing number of cities, including New York, Seattle, Chicago, London and Copenhagen, Columbus, Ohio has just unveiled a $167.6 million, 288-page, 20-year plan to make the city more bicycle friendly. An integral part of the plan will be education--for cyclists as well as motorists--which, as we've seen before, is crucial to the safety of everyone on the road. Additionally, 58 miles of bike lanes will be added, as well as a downtown bike station (complete with bicycle parking and changing areas). Finally, "one of the biggest goals of the bike plan is to tie the area's trail system to neighborhoods and streets that will have bike lanes or bike signs."

There are also plans for a bike share program, the installation of more bike racks, the creation of several bike boulevards and significantly improved signage. Looks like nowadays cities of all geographies, political landscapes, and socio-economic conditions, are looking to find ways to make the bicycle a practical, safe and fun way to get around town.

Via: ::Columbus Dispatch and ::Alta Projects
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