College Student Sets Goal: Entire Summer on One Tank of Gasoline

Danni Brancaccio, one tank or bust girl photo

One Tank or Bust
Danni Brancaccio, picture above, knows the importance of setting goals. Concerned about the high price of gasoline and global warming, she decided that she would go through the whole summer using only the 12-gallon tank of gas of her 1997 Honda Civic. She even set a sub-goal at the start of August: A week with zero miles of driving.

What's Her Secret?
There's really no secret to doing it, except maybe willpower. She took the bus, rode her bike, and walked a lot. The same things that many of our readers have been doing (share your story here). Of course, college students who don't have cars will think it's easy, but we think it's cool she stopped using the car she already has for eco-reasons. If you want more details, you can read all about her adventures on her blog, One Tank or Bust. There's also a short interview with Fox News here.

Follow up update: How do *You* Cut Your Gasoline Consumption?

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