CODA EV Gets EPA Rating (73 MPGe), First Production Unit Rolls Off Assembly Line

Coda electric car© Coda Automotive

Big Day for CODA!

First it was planned for 2010, then 2011, but delays couldn't stop CODA Automotive from finally starting making the final production model of its CODA Sedan EV. This comes right after the U.S. EPA's release of the CODA's official rating numbers: 73 MPGe combined, 77 MPGe in the city, and 68 MPGe on the highway. Official range is 88 miles, though of course that can vary depending on driving conditions (so you could get more or less than that -- CODA believe that it is possible to get "up to" 125 miles).

Coda electric sedan© Coda Automotive
The CODA is a bit less energy-efficient than its direct competitors; according to the EPA, it requires 46 kWh of energy per 100 miles (combined), while the Nissan LEAF is rated at 34kWh/100 miles and the Mitsubishi i MiEV needs just 30 kWh/100 miles (which is very impressive!).

Coda writes: "The 2102 CODA will soon be available for purchase throughout dealerships in California and beyond. Our first cars will go to CODA Silicon Valley, run by Del Grande Dealer Group in Northern California and Marvin K. Brown CODA San Diego in the south."

You can see more photos of the event where the first production vehicle was unveiled here.

Via Coda Blog, ABG

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CODA EV Gets EPA Rating (73 MPGe), First Production Unit Rolls Off Assembly Line
After some delays, the big day has finally arrived for CODA Automotive. They first production vehicle has rolled off the assembly line!

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