Coda Electric Sedan Only Receives 2 Stars in NHTSA's Frontal Crash Test

Coda EV Crash testYoutube/Screen capture

Electric Cars Are Under Great Scrutiny

It's no secret that I'm rooting for electric cars to do well and replace gasoline-powered models as quickly as possible (and in parallel, we need to clean up the power grid so that the electricity that powers EVs is as clean as possible). But this wish to see electrics take over doesn't make me blind to problems when they arise, and in my opinion, the Coda electric sedan's recent crash test results are problematic.

While the Coda got an excellent "5 stars" for the side crash and rollover tests, it received only "2 stars" for the frontal impact test. This might not be a failure of the test per se, but it's disappointing to me because we are still in the trust-building phase with electric vehicles. The average person is still taking the "wait and see" approach, and anything that might give the perception that electric cars are not as safe can hurt the adoption rate.

Above you can see the video of the frontal crash test, while below is the side crash test.

Thankfully, Elon Musk of Tesla has said he was confident that the Model S would get a perfect 5 star rating with the NHTSA's methodology.


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Coda Electric Sedan Only Receives 2 Stars in NHTSA's Frontal Crash Test
While I want to see electric cars succeed, I have to be honest that this crash test result is disappointing...

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