Coca-Cola's Fleet of Hybrid Electric Delivery Trucks Hits Miami

Photos by Jorge R. Perez: Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, left

Coke's Hybrid Delivery Truck Armada
Adding to the 132 hybrid trucks it already has in circulation across the nation, green (ish) going Coca Cola deployed 10 more to the Miami area last week. The new grand total of 142 evidently makes them the largest "heavy-duty hybrid-electric delivery fleet in North America."More Efficient Coke Delivery, More Quietude
According to the press release, the new trucks will improve fuel efficiency by 32 percent and reduce total emissions by 37 percent. And, as a bonus to anyone who's plugged their ears whilst idling next to a behemoth delivery truck at a stoplight, they'll create significantly less noise.

"These new hybrid trucks are intended for use in high-traffic metropolitan areas," said Jose Brito, Miami Market Unit Fleet Supervisor for Coca-Cola Enterprises. "What makes them unique is the fact that a hybrid electric motor/generator works with the transmission and a 340-volt battery, allowing the truck to source electrical power instead of diesel gas when traveling at speeds below 30 MPH."

It's hardly a monumental innovation, but as is often the case when considering large corporations' progress on the environmental front, it's a step in the right direction--just last year Coca-Cola spent $3 million on green upgrades.

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