c,mm,n: The Open-Source Hydrogen Car

We've seen some pretty cool concepts rolled out at various auto shows in the past few months, but the c,mm,n (pronounced "common"), unveiled at Amsterdam's AutoRAI show last week, may be the most revolutionary of the bunch. Conceived by the Netherlands Society for Nature and the Environment (or "Stichting Natuur en Milieu") and technical universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede, the c,mm,n was designed for more sustainable driving with a zero-emission hydrogen engine. More unique, though, is the fact that the designers are using an open-source model to improve upon their work: according to Core77, "The vehicle's technical drawings and blueprints are freely available online, and everyone is invited to add their own ideas and modifications, provided of course that these are shared again with the community."

Additionally, sharing of information is a part of the driving experience that c,mm,n's inventors envision, as they plan to incorporate technology that will allow drivers to "easily share information on traffic conditions, route planning and parking availability."

The vehicle does have a website; unfortunately, if you don't read Dutch, you won't get much from it (English pages are in the works). So far, the reactions to the photo above have been less than kind: one commenter at endgadget called it "dorky, ugly and silly looking." The open-source model, though, means that we're not necessarily seeing the final product. For some readers, that's probably a good thing; for others, a clean, green concept open to improvement may be beauty enough. ::Core77 Design Blog via engadget via linton at Hugg

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