Climatecars - New Green Cab Service in London


There's good news for Londoners this week as another hybrid taxi fleet launches its services. Climatecars is welcome competition for other green cabs firms we have mentioned such as the hybrid fleet of Green Tomato Cars and Radio Taxis which is on it's way to being carbon neutral. As with most new services Climatecars are aiming for the top of the market with a luxury service, providing cold bottled water, magazines and newspapers on your journey. Bottled water you say? Arghghhhh! But Climatecars have been smart enough to choose Belu Water, which just about excuses them as the bottles are made from corn starch and the profits go to water aid projects in Africa. We also like the added detail of a bike rack on every car so that if you ever find yourself unable to peddle they can take you and your bike home. Climatecar founder Nicko Williamson (pictured above) has obviously thought in great detail about how provide a 1st class car service and has even undercut other normal cab companies with his prices - that's why competition is healthy! With the additional, and these days somewhat obligatory, carbon offsetting scheme Climatecars looks like it will be driving towards a green future. :: Climatecars

UPDATE: Climatecars will be offsetting with the Carbon Neutral Company.

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