Clever Design Turns Bike Handlebars 90°, Makes Storage in Tight Spaces a Snap


Image Courtesy of Flipphandle

If you've ever fought to store your bike in a hallway, on a train, or anywhere where space is at a premium, you've probably cursed your handlebars. So necessary while in motion, on a parked bike they turn out to be remarkably cumbersome, sticking out as they do. But a new design, the Flipphandle, does what its name says: it allows you to turn the handlebars 90° to line up with the frame, without turning the front wheel. Problem solved.We've featured a lot of clever ways to store bikes, from a shelf that holds books and bikes to a system that puts the bike at the top of a light pole, to making robots do all the work. These ideas all work to mitigate the cumbersome nature of a parked bike, but the Flipphandle is the first design (apart from folding bikes) that makes the bike itself easier to store.

This isn't the first time a bike has been designed to be folded flat against a wall. Last summer, TreeHugger founder Graham Hill collaborated with Schindelhauer Bikes to create the Thin Bike. And while the Thin Bike has the aesthetic advantage over the Flipphandle, the latter gets extra points, as it can be installed on any bike. So if you want the adavantages of the Thin Bike and don't want to ditch your current ride, the Flipphandle, designed by Alejandro Lacreu, is what you want.

Check out the promotional video:

Flipphandle from Ben Hillman on Vimeo.

Allthough Flipphandle is ready for production, it needs to raise capital before it can hit stores. So check out their Kickstarter campaign- a $75 donation will get you your own Flipphandle, and get rid of your bike storage problems.

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