Clean My Ride: Celebs Pimping Ethanol & Acting Badly


TreeHugger doesn't regularly watch MTV's Pimp My Ride, though we hear it's all the rage with the kids and have covered their green efforts before, but something like Clean My Ride sounds much more up our alley. A project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund and headed by "Phin," a man with a plan to lobby Congress to "clean my car" and "flex my fuel." His plan is realized in six acts, in videos embedded in the site, and he gets a few familiar faces to help spread the word. Ben Affleck in a corn suit, Matt Damon dressed like a gas pump, Jennifer Garner employing a British accent and Tobin Bell and his "womb juice" all make an appearance, and, while we can't fault Phin's methods -- employing celebs -- or for the over-reaching message -- that we need Congress to mandate cars that get better gas mileage -- using corn-based ethanol as the flex-fuel crutch is not going to cut it.

We've noted time and again, corn-based ethanol is not a viable choice for an alternative fuel. So go watch the videos; they're funny, and if they can help folks who wouldn't ordinarily lobby Congress do so, that's great, but it's quite irresponsible to anoint corn-based ethanol the savior to our foreign-oil woes. Still, you might get a kick out of watching Sarah Silverman make out with a picture frame. Fair warning: site contains cheesy acting and adult content. ::Clean My Ride via ::AutoblogGreen