Clean Green Cars: Green(er) Car Info for UK Drivers


Launched to give British drivers more information on greener car technology, buying greener cars, and greener driving practices, Clean Green Cars publishes news, like a note on Mazda's "sustainable zoom-zoom" strategy, features, like a best-in-class rundown of the most eco-friendly cars in each category, and a manufacturer watch, with the spotlight currently trained on Saab's bio-ethanol and Land Rover's hybrid aspirations. They also feature a handy jargon buster, to help anyone who doesn't know the difference between CNG and LPG or biofuel and biodiesel, and road tests for a bevy of makes and models. Clean Green Cars has a focus on relativity as well; "[their] goal is to advise which cars are the best of their type, whether that is a small hatchback or something that can carry seven people. Small diesel hatchbacks or hybrids do not suit everyone - if you need an off-roader, that is your business, not ours. But some of these vehicles are greener than others, and we'll tell you which." As with all promising new sites just getting their start, there's a little "wait & see" involved in whether or not it will be a viable source in green(er) transportation, but for now, from newbie to experienced greenie, Clean Green Cars looks to have something for every green car enthusiast in the UK. ::Clean Green Cars via ::AutoblogGreen

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