Clarkson Still Not Listening

Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson, has caused a ruckus by leaving huge track marks across the Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana. He drove various off-road vehicles across it whilst filming a TV show, causing damage that is expected to last for decades. The area is apparently home to a few species of bird which will be disrupted during their breeding season.

The BBC claim that they did all the research they could and avoided conservation areas, but local guides see it differently. They believe that it could encourage similar behaviour by others.
Of course, Top Gear is an easy target for this kind of attack, and I’m sure the BBC are pretty responsible about choosing locations.

The main damage caused by Top Gear is through inaction, not action. Millions of people are influenced by Clarkson, and he jokes about environmental issues as though they don't matter, or even exist. For example, he was once quoted as saying, 'I'm not a scientist, but I read enough scientific literature to know the whole global warming theory is bonkers. A complete fairy story.' I’d like to know what scientific literature calls global warming a fairy story.

Personally, I love cars and driving. However, I also know the harm they cause, so choose not to own a car. Granted, I live in a city, and understand that this isn't possible for everyone. But Top Gear could be doing more to promote greener cars. The Tesla, Lighting, Alé and numerous other cars featured here on TreeHugger all look like a hell of a lot of fun, and deserve to be given screen time.

Green driving doesn’t have to be boring driving. There’s little that can match the acceleration and torque of a powerful electric car, and lighter batteries are increasing performance all the time. If anyone from Top Gear is reading this, then get in touch, I’ll show you some exciting, green transport that won’t disappoint your fans. ::Guardian