City of Paris Puts Map of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Online

paris ev electric car charging stations map image
Image: Google Maps
Paving the Way for more Electric Vehicles
One of the main concerns that people have when you talk to them about electric cars and trucks is "where to charge your batteries when you're not at home?". The city of Paris, France, has started to address that by installing many charging stations (some just for electric bicycles, some for cars and some for bigger trucks and vans) in the city proper and in the near suburbs. But even if the stations are there, they're not very useful if nobody can find ev electric car charging stations map image
Image: Google Maps

That's why the city of Paris has decided to create a website with a map of the EV charging stations. Since it's online, it's easily accessible, and it can be updated in real-time.

You can even download PDF versions of maps with the EV charging stations in Paris (pdf), and those in the near suburbs (pdf).

Via City of Paris (French site), AutoblogGreen
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