City of London Withdraws free Electric Vehicle Parking

the City of London is reversing its free parking for EVs photo

London Borough to Reverses Free Parking for EVs
No sooner do I report on the virus-like spread of electric vehicle charging points in London, that I hear from our friends at GoinGreen that at least one London borough is preparing to withdraw some of the privileges enjoyed by EV drivers:

Today saw the announcement of changes in the City of London's parking concessions for electric vehicles. Existing users of the borough's electric vehicle scheme will see an increase in on-street parking from zero to £50 per year whereas off-street parking (in the City's car parks) will increase from zero to £2,000 per year in 2009. This off-street parking fee will then increase further to £4,000 per year by 2010 and £6396 in 2011, the same as a ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle.
While electric vehicle owners and advocates may lament this as a step backwards, the council justified its decision by arguing that such incentives had actually increased traffic in the area – presumably encouraging EV owners heading to neighboring borough’s to park in the City of London and/or taking people away from London’s extensive public transit network. This draws on an interesting and perennial debate in the green movement – do we encourage alternative private vehicles, or do we encourage alternatives to private vehicles? I tend to think the answer is both – but there will be times when one goal conflicts with the other. Those wishing to protest the City of London’s decision can sign a petition online. [For those not familiar with London, The City of London is a small borough within central London, as opposed to the entire capital]
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