Citroen C-Cactus Concept Car


A new concept from Citroen uses some interesting new design ideas to minimize its environmental impact. There is as much duplication of parts as possible, in order to reduce production costs and waste - for example the front bumper and rear bumper are the same item. Another innovative feature is windows that don’t open – air conditioning makes in unnecessary, so the design can save further weight and cost by including simpler, lighter windows. Citroen will be unveiling the car at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s a green concept, which seems to be the only sort of concept there is at the moment, that uses a hybrid HDi drive train. It should be reasonably priced if it ever comes to market, costing about the same as an entry-level Citroen C4. It's expected to weigh only 1,306 kg and will therefore have respectable CO2 emissions of 78 g/km. However, it's also the greener production, and not just fuel economy which is impressive.

The materials are also sustainably sourced. The protective floor mats are made of leather cut offs that would otherwise be discarded. Some internal parts are made of natural cork and some of the cloth is natural felt made from wool. Despite the fact that the function/form trade-off was skewed further towards function than in other car designs, due to the need for duplicated parts, it's a very attractive car. It's a nice example of a manufacturer thinking about greener concept cars, without having to resort to some wacky drive train idea that is decades away. These ideas could be integrated into cars now, and that's the sort of solution that we need. ::Gizmag