Citroën C2, Now With Stop & Start Technology


French car maker Citroën introduces to the UK a new model of its C2 car. It features "stop/start" technology that allows it to shut off the gasoline engine when the car stops, and to restart it pretty much instantaneously (400 milliseconds) when the driver takes his/her foot off the brake pedal, producing a 15% reduction in fuel consumption in heavy traffic. That technology was first introduced on the Citroën C3 in 2004. The interesting thing for UK drivers is that Citroën is offering a cashback incentive of £1,696 (US$2,963, "sufficient to cover one year’s London Congestion Charge") to buyers of the new C2 Stop & Start. The price of the car in the UK is £10,690 (US$18,674), not including the cashback incentive.

The system delivers about 42 mpg US on a combined cycle, and reduces CO2 emissions by about 10% compared to the rest of the C2 gasoline line-up. [...]

This C2 is equipped with a new generation SensoDrive automated gearbox, with paddleshift gearchange and automatic function, and a 90hp (67kW) 1.4i 16V gasoline engine.

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