CicLAvia: Los Angeles's Open Streets Event Attracted Around 100,000 People (Video)

If It Can Happen in L.A., It Can Happen Anywhere
The city of Bogota has made the "Ciclovía" known around the world, and since then it has been spreading to other cities. The concept is simple: Close down some streets to cars and allow pedestrians and cyclists to take over. After years of preparation, Los Angeles has just had its own "CicLAvia" and by most accounts it was a resounding success (the LA Times estimated that 100,000 people took part). The city known for sprawl and car congestion became a cyclist's paradise for a short while, and most participants seemed to really like it and wish it was done more often. They mayor supports the event, so hopefully this won't be the last we hear of it. Via StreetFilms. See also: Car-free "Play Street" in Queens is a Great Idea! (Video)

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